Christina Bird - Content Writer & Copywriter in Europe

Hi! I’m Christina Bird, a content writer and copywriter for small and medium sized companies in Europe and the US. I often also create graphics to go along with my words. 

Here’s a bunch of things you might want to know about me.

I Live in Europe.

I’m based in Graz, Austria. Known as ‘Vienna’s little sister’, this gorgeous city is a UNESCO City of Design and a cultural hotspot.

Looking for Content Writing & Copywriting Services in Graz? Christina Bird

I Studied PR & Advertising.

I have a master’s degree in PR and a bachelor’s in advertising. I’ve also learned graphic design.

I Write Content for Business & Marketing.

I can write content that empowers you to connect with people and offer them value. 

In return for this value, people will reward you with all those lovely things like website visits, likes, comments and shares on social media, brand awareness, and sales.

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I Love...

•  Language: I’m a grammar nerd. I also speak German and Hindi. 

•  Marketing: Marketing is the fuel of business. It excites me. 

•  Design: I’m a hobby photographer and love designing graphics. 

•  Making Music: I enjoy singing and playing my handpan.

•  Food: I love to invent recipes, cook for people, and of course, eat.

•  Dance and yoga: They fill my body with happiness chemicals.

•  Houseplants: There’s no such thing as too many!


Here’s how I help smart companies boost their profits:

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