Reputation Management in Online Retail – It Matters More than You Think.

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E-commerce is revolutionising retail across the globe. The Indian e-commerce market is expected to grow by over 500 million shoppers by 2025. More importantly, retail is not what it used to be – shoppers behave differently now and on the internet, your reputation is your most precious asset.

What’s in a Review?

Reviews are a huge deal in online retail. They take less than ten minutes to post and can instantly be read all over the world. But their impact can last for decades. 

Studies have found that most people will read about your store online before visiting it. They have pretty much every piece of information about you at their fingertips, in the form of news, reviews, blogs, social media posts, press releases…the list goes on. 

When you delight shoppers with quick complaint resolution, they are swift to give you a good rating. But when they have negative buying experiences, they are even quicker to talk about it. Pictures and videos can spread like wildfire on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Bloggers begin to write about it. And the more traction negative stories gain, the higher these stories rank on Google.

Managing Your Online Reputation

Most online content can’t be permanently deleted – but with fresh image-boosting content, negative stories can be pushed further down search engine result pages. That’s how online reputation management (ORM) works. ORM involves taking control of how people perceive your brand by countering negative stories and proactively publishing image-boosting content online.

Timely responses are crucial for a retailer’s reputation. With constant monitoring, ORM professionals spot problems as soon as they occur. They track and monitor what people are saying about you on review sites, forums, blogs, websites, and social media. Then, they address criticism, grab opportunities to demonstrate great customer service, and release official statements to the press when necessary.

Defend What’s Important to You.

ORM is not just about countering threats, but also about proactively strengthening your brand with positive, SEO friendly content. Your reputation is precious. Take control of it now.

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